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Warning messages not displayed in AWB preview mode
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MediaWiki automatically makes a warning for all transclusions with duplicate arguments and displays it above the whole preview and a horizontal line. It was introduced at phab:T85352 and uses MediaWiki:Duplicate-args-warning. Example: "Warning: Page using Template:Infobox website with unknown parameter "Video Personality" (this message is shown only in preview)."

When previewing the same article within AWB, the same message is not displayed allowing the introduction of errors (although usually not very consequential ones) that are easier to catch with normal Preview mode. This is inconsistent and I believe AWB should show these warning messages as well.

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rev 12204

Preview: request parsewarnings from API, put any warnings found (e.g. duplicate template parameters) at top of preview in red

Note that the formatting of the warnings doesn't get the wikilinks right, but does show the content detail

As ever, need new AWB release to pick up this change.

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