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Measure newcomers using Content Translation
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As part of the success metrics identified for Content Translation version 2, we want to get more newcomers using the tool.


We want to measure the number of (new) editors that use the tool over time.

  • We want to have separate measurements for (a) "new editors", and (b) "existing editors" as a reference.
  • We want to have separate measurements for activity from (a) all versions, and (b) version 2 of the tool. That will allow to understand the overall impact as version 2 becomes the default but also to "zoom in" to focus only on version 2 (where the improvements are made) when needed.
  • New editors are defined as users that created their account during the last 6 months (the initial criteria user for new editor experiences research). A user starting multiple translations, should be counted only once.
  • Using the tool means to start a translation, which may or may not be completed.
  • Over time: using a periods of 30 days.


An example representation is shown below, where the evolution in the number of users (newcomers starting at least one translation) is represented over time. For "existing editors", either a separate visualization of the same kind, or a new graph in the same visualisation can be used.

newcomers-using-cx.png (370×500 px, 19 KB)

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@Pginer-WMF, do you want the Product Analytics team to work on this, T194647, T194648, and T194650? If so, we can definitely consider it although you should note that (1) it may take a few weeks to triage since we're working through a big backlog right now and (2) we'll continue to be very capacity limited until our new data analyst starts, hopefully in 2-3 weeks.

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Declined since different aspects are already covered (or planned to be as part of other efforts).