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Edit conflict notification on Preview/Show Changes
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Author: equazcion

As long as the previewing of edits requires a server query, previews should also check if the proposed edit would produce an edit conflict, and return a notification to be displayed to the user in the rendered preview screen. This should apply for the Show Changes function as well.

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Severity: enhancement



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Mmm, this could indeed be a nice plus. Would probably want to do a merge test, and only throw up the warning if there is an issue -- at which point one could click for further details. (No sense cluttering up the view with a giant conflict screen while you're still working.)

Warn of other revisions saved during edit-preview (not quite the same thing but similar) apparently got a decent amount of votes on the 2019 Community Wishlist.

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Instead of showing this notification on just previews, it should also be possible to show them "live" – API requests for edit stash are already being sent by the client periodically. If another revision was saved in between, that can be included in ApiStashEdit response which can be surfaced to the user as a pop-up via JS.