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Research: How are bot edits different than human edits on Wikidata?
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Story: For future strategy, we wonder how bot edits differ from human edits and how bots and humans work peacefully together (or not). I would like to be able to give a data based account on that. I can imagine to sample some items, weight items by their use and then either cluster edits and/or code them manually (like: correcting, linking, referencing…)

I imagine this is a bit vague to immediately start, so we would need to come up with a mutual understanding that both covers practical needs as well as what the data can give us.

Assumption: Possibly, bots and humans have some separate tasks and some they "collaborate". Also, it might be interesting to see if/how authors and bots are connected (as in @Halfak’s analysis/rebuttal to that bots-fight-bots paper).

Possible outcome: Plausible hypothesis/patterns supported by the content of the edits.

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Relevant Research:

– Halfaker, Aaron, and John Riedl. “Bots and Cyborgs: Wikipedia’s Immune System.” Computer 45, no. 3 (2012): 79–82.
– Piscopo, 2017 (expert users use more expert tools, beginners use the standard UI)

@Hall1467 and I have been working on measuring how humans and bots drive the quality of Wikidata items differently. We're specifically looking at alignment between demand (views of articles that sitelinked from Wikidata) and production (edits to items). We don't have a draft yet, but it would be good to share an overview of our current results before anyone gets started on this so we can see if there's overlap. :)

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@Lydia_Pintscher @Jan_Dittrich

This ticket is opened and assigned to me for two years already.

Please let me know if additional details are available and should we plan to proceed with this.

Thank you.

I'd still be interested in case resources are allocated to this.

As the Wikidata project tag was removed: Which project tag should this task have, so it can be found by people looking for tasks via projects? Thanks in advance.

@Aklapper I've added the WMDE analytics project tags.


I'd still be interested in case resources are allocated to this.


@Lydia_Pintscher What do you think?

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I don't think it has priority compared to the other things we have on the table at the moment. (Still need to get back to you on remaining Qurator things 😬 )
Not sure why it was assigned directly. Removing.