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cleanupWatchlist.php --fix hanging
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blah:/var/www/w/maintenance$ php cleanupWatchlist.php --fix

mediawiki-bw_ 2009-02-13 13:45:33: Processing watchlist...
mediawiki-bw_ 2009-02-13 13:45:33: 0.04% done on watchlist; ETA 2009-02-13 13:47:43 [100/237582] 1826.82/sec <0.00% updated>
mediawiki-bw_ 2009-02-13 13:45:33: 0.08% done on watchlist; ETA 2009-02-13 13:46:52 [200/237582] 2986.99/sec <0.00% updated>
mediawiki-bw_ 2009-02-13 13:45:33: 0.13% done on watchlist; ETA 2009-02-13 13:46:40 [300/237582] 3526.01/sec <0.00% updated>
mediawiki-bw_ 2009-02-13 13:45:33: 0.17% done on watchlist; ETA 2009-02-13 13:46:35 [400/237582] 3799.28/sec <0.00% updated>
mediawiki-bw_ 2009-02-13 13:45:33: invalid watch by 4 for (1, "Red_link_&ndash;_01")

After this line the script will just do nothing. Resource usage for the script is very low to non-existing. In 'mytop' I see queries queueing up like "Query SELECT /* SkinTemplate::outputPage 74.6.y.z */ COUNT(*) AS n FROM bw_watchlist"

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Reopened. I seems that now one entry is deleted, but after that, the script hangs. Force quitting the script, and restarting it, will clean up one bad watchlist entry at a time.

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Closing again, works for me on development instance.