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Investigate language analyzers in ElasticSearch 6
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Make sure that Elastic language analysis components, our internal components, and third-party components are all working as expected in Elasticsearch 6.

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I've pulled snapshots of Wikipedia and Wiktionary text for the languages below, and established a baseline analysis with our current config. These cover all the custom analysis chains, other custom config (like using the ICU tokenizer), and a number of different scripts.

Chinese, Dzongkha, English, Finnish, French, Gan, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Mirandese, Polish, Russian, Rusyn, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Tibetan, Turkish, Ukrainian

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First draft done. Full details on MediaWiki.

Summary: Esperanto is missing, Serbian is broken. :( Chinese surrogates have been fixed! The ICU tokenizer has been updated. My sample is so old that many changes we made last year show up.


  • Serbian: Elastic search reports that "extra-analysis-serbian / 6.5.4-SNAPSHOT" is installed, but when I try to reindex, I get an error: Creating index...⧼Unknown filter type [serbian_stemmer] for [scstemmer]⧽
  • Esperanto isn't in my original samples because it didn't have custom processing at the time I took them. However, I noticed that there was no Esperanto plugin in the new ES 6 batch of plugins.

Thanks for catching this, here is an updated version of the deb package which should fix the issues you discovered:

Everything looks good now. Serbian (et al.) and Esperanto are working as expected. Thanks, @dcausse!