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Wikimedia Hackathon Barcelona 2018 Volunteer Group: Photos
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This is a task to collect ideas and progress from the group of volunteers who agreed to help take photographer during the Wikimedia Hackathon Barcelona 2018 and upload their photos to commons in Category:Wikimedia Hackathon Barcelona 2018.

Your contact will be @CKoerner_WMF

First, a reminder that we will have a photography policy for attendees at the event. Attendees will be wearing different colored lanyards letting you know if they are OK with appearing in photos.

There will be two color options for people to wear to state their preference.

  • All participants who didn’t agree to have their picture taken are recognizable by special red lanyards.
  • The regular lanyards are green.

If someone asks to not have their photo taken, but are not wearing a yellow lanyard, please direct them to one of the hackathon organizers, Rachel Farrand, or myself to assist with getting an appropriate lanyard.

It would be great to have your assistance in creating a group photo of everyone. The group photo will be on Sunday at 15:00 at the Auditori de la Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres de la UAB.

Please put all of your hackathon images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons into the Category:Wikimedia Hackathon Barcelona 2018 (or, even better, into fitting subcategories). If you have any questions regarding photography during the hackathon, please reach out to Chris.

If you haven't uploaded to Commons before, don't worry. Let us know and we can plan for some impromptu time together to figure it out.

If you want to be part of this group but did not sign up please get in touch with Chris!

Event Timeline

For reference, a useful cat to add: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

I propose a quick photog meeting to plan the group photo. Perhaps over lunch tomorrow (Saturday)? Please chime in here if you are willing and able to help coordinate. Thanks!

I will be there

Great! Any thoughts about where to meet? Maybe at the outdoor picnic tables near the cafeteria?

I’ll be there, too. What time? The picnic tables seem to be quite a nice place actually

Maybe at 1:30 so we have time to get some food first?

I'm in a dark grey "Michigan DevFest" t-shirt and I'll be holding a camera for easy identification :)

I’ll be there, too. What time? The picnic tables seem to be quite a nice place actually

Picnic tables it is!

Hmm, the door leading out there is locked and I'm not sure exactly how to get there otherwise. Maybe it's best to meet somewhere else for simplicity's sake. How about the front lobby? I'm there now and it's pretty quiet.

You would have to go one time around the building:
If you go out, down the stair on the left, down at the street go left again, now go around the cafeteria.

Hey @Petr_Urbanec, @KPFC and I just chatted for a bit in the lobby. Neither of us has a dedicated wide-angle lens but we both have zooms that will do for a group shot. One possibility is that a few of us could take photos of the group at the same time—what do you think?

I am not sure if we are able to stitch to stills from different cameras to the big one. But we could try it. I am sorry I could not put a DSLR into my bag due to weight limit so I do only "mobile photos" - but I can do "panorama" with my iPhone (however, only in daylight, because quality of the photos taken inside is rather poor).

@Petr_Urbanec Ah, I wasn't thinking of trying to stitch individual photos together. I can probably fit everyone in if they are willing to stand closely together! I do hope the weather is favorable tomorrow because as you said this would be much tricker indoors.

I don't have an iPhone so I haven't tried that out, but a panorama might be good to try!

I figure the more of us taking photos, the more likely we are to get some "keepers." :)

I wasn't able to make the earlier discussion. The plan is to have the group photo near the auditorium - same place as the opening session. This way we can get people to the showcase (also in the auditorium) at the end of the day. Was anyone able to find a suitable place near the auditorium? If not, I'm happy to trek out with some folks this afternoon if you'd like.

Neither of us has a dedicated wide-angle lens

The widest I have is 24mm 🤔

I'd be up for a walk, pretty much anytime—maybe 4:30 p.m., just to throw out a time?

I tried and failed to find the auditorium again. I guess let's do the best with whatever we have tomorrow.

@Mholloway Thank you for trying!

Building details are: Auditori de la Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres de la UAB "Auditorium Humanities Faculty (Auditorium in the building for UAB Arts and Humanities).

I know where it is, but can''t to show you leave due to meetings. :(
If you can Chris are planning to try again you could ask someone in a yellow bandana to show you on your phone map.
You go left out of the front door and its about 10 min away walking. The building is a bit hard to distinguish as an auditorium from the outside.

Maybe if you and Chris are free at some point around dinner time we can go talk to Laia about the logistics, and exactly how we want to do this?

Sorry that it is becoming so much trouble !

Thanks, @Rfarrand. I'll take another stroll over that way tomorrow. Somehow I have practically no memory of what that building looks like. (!)

Is it the building shown on the right in this photograph, by any chance?

I vaguely remember going up a staircase.

Spread the word fellow photogs! The location for the group photo will be outside the auditorium, around the back. We'll direct people through the auditorium lobby to the location in the attached photo. @Mholloway, @Petr_Urbanec and I scouted the location this morning and we should all be able to fit. If you want to help take photos or help wrangle folks to the location, please arrive a little early, say 14:45 or so.

DSC_5469.jpg (4×7 px, 1 MB)
<- Not a mystery, but click the link to see the photo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank youuuuu!! Can you all help spread the word around. I will alert Amical as well. :)

Quick comment - maybe we can make the group photo at 15:15 instead of 15:00 because some sessions end at 15:00

Works for me! Any other blessings needed to make it official or should I go ahead and update the program on-wiki?

Please make sure to close this task once everything is complete / let me know if you need any further coordination support

A big thanks to everyone who helped organize photos throughout the event and especially those who showed up to help take the group photos. I'm going to resolve this task, but please be sure to upload your photos to Commons!

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