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Local user rename interferes with checking SUL-status of account
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Author: Annabel

A local rename on a wiki interferes with a checkuser. When an offencing account has been locked and hidden globally, it should be listed when performing a checkuser. However, when the offencing account name has been renamed locally prior to performing a usercheck, the CU-interface lists the old username. Mediawiki does not display "(locked)" anymore though, which hinders appropriate reaction and tracking of offencing account name vandals.
Probably, the reason might be that mediawiki compares the usernames where user ID/SUL ID number should be compared (or the reverse).

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aaron added a comment.Oct 16 2009, 3:06 AM

I believe renaming detached the local account from the global, so there is no ID that can be used either.

sumanah wrote:

Is this problem still reproducible on Wikimedia sites, and/or on the latest version of CentralAuth?

Accounts with abusive usernames shouldn't be renamed, but hidden. Since local bureaucrats ain't able to locally rename no more and the existence of both, local hideuser and global account oversight via CentralAuth I wonder if this bug is still relevant. Any objections to closure?

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Unasigning because of inactivity from asigned user.

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As per @MarcoAurelio this would now be handled by stewards and wouldn't be renamed, so it is redundant.

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