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Central Gadget Taskforce meetup
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Follow-up session of T159334 and T181381.

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Reminder : decisions taken at Montpellier's pre-hackathon:

  • each gadget has an independent repository on Git
  • a bot ships the code to each wiki that has requested the service
  • each gadget is translated on translatewiki
  • a local configuration is provided for each wiki to setup small changes

Things to take decision on:

What about:

  • How to convince English Wikipedia to be on the loop?
    • Gadgets and Modules are made by developers, who are aimed to work together.
  • Templates?
    • Can be centralized in the same project. That would ease translations.
  • How new wikis will be welcomed?
    • During the proof-of-concept time, only one gadget on a few wikis will be available.
    • Other wikis/gadgets/Templates will be progressively added. The taskforce takes all decisions when to open the project to more people/projects.
  • Third-party wikis?
    • They can have access to the repository.
    • They can get the bot working for them?


  • Goal: one gadget centralized before Wikimania as a proof of concept, and deployed on two friendly wikis (ca and fr, probably)

Thank you for hosting your session at WMHack! If you have any notes or slides please add them to the task and then make sure to close the task when there are no more actions. :)

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make sure to close the task when there are no more actions. :)

No reply, hence closing. If further actions are required, please create and link dedicated tasks. Thanks!