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Provide metadata support on Wikimedia Commons
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Author: brianna.laugher

This request is extension-agnostic. We will work with whichever extension y'all choose.

This request has strong, unanimous support and more to the point, is good for Mission-fulfilling, regardless of what the community thinks. :)

See Also:
T11617: Feature: improved 'annotation' method for media (combo of galleries, categories and tags)



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Daniel, thanks for the interesting addition of bug 38622 as dependency, I didn't have any idea that was related! I'm reading [[mw:ContentHandler]] and posting a couple questions there.

sumanah wrote:

It seems to me that we'll be able to fulfill this need with Wikidata, so this bug is waiting on that. Changed summary and taking it out of . Thanks.

Yeah Wikidata is probably abel to do what you want in the end. Be aware however that this is not the focus of the initial development. We'll first need to get the thing ready and rolled out for Wikipedia before we look at others :) For some of the future plans check out

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Well possibly we don't even need Wikidata. ContentHandler already might help a lot in being able to change the structure behind a File page in a gradual and administrated way, with or without wikidata

(In reply to comment #4)

Well possibly we don't even need Wikidata. ContentHandler already might help a
lot in being able to change the structure behind a File page in a gradual and
administrated way, with or without wikidata

I absolutely agree. Using Wikidata for this would be rather awkward.

I discussed this a bit with RobLa at Wikimania. One first idea was to add a data sub-page to image description pages, e.g. File:Foo.jpg/meta, that would contain all the meta data as structured data.

This could be handled by an extension providing a CopntentHandler for image metadata, independently of Wikidata.

I'm planning to look into making an API module that would read the data on commons file description page.

Folks interested in this bug - I made a bunch of patches and have some evil plans. Please read and comment.

Change 80403 had a related patch set uploaded by MarkTraceur:
Extension to screen scrape metadata out of commons

Change 80403 merged by jenkins-bot:
Extension to screen scrape metadata out of commons

[Resetting to NEW as patch in comment 8 and comment 9 has been merged, but there seems to be more work to do here.]

IMHO a very big issue with semantic web.
Already on DBpedia and now on wikidata, there is currently no way to get
automatically metadata of a mediafile. On wikidata with the very used property p18,, the data is queryable by API but it's not possible to get basic information such as licence or author. In the near future, and it has already begun, we will probably see a big dissemination of data and content via semantic technologies ; Wikimedia Commons mediafile are not ready.

I should be better to provide first simple and necessary information as licence and author (and maybe source). Those metadata should have to be simply accessible by programs and to be systematically provided by API or embedded metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP...)
The risk of big failure is that if nothing is done, it will be impossible to display simply those information in semantic flows even for those who would to, :/.

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This task is not merely about information storage, as shown by the blocking tasks. Sure, T68108 is a spin-off which contains most of the work needed.

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Can probably be declined now that Structured Data on Commons exists, or the description needs to be updated to clarify it's scope after this change.

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Probably can be considered done now that T68108: [Epic] Store media information for files on Wikimedia Commons as structured data has been resolved? The two open subtasks are T2576: [OAI-PMH] Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (tracking) and T27854: Expose image thumbs, embedded video players via oEmbed (API + discovery <link rel>) but they don't actually have much to do with providing metadata support for Commons files.