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Session to discuss Timeless at hackathon
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Let's actually get together and discuss this now that the grant has been selected for funding.

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Crappy session notes:

wmf not really supporting skins (team specific)
	wmf makes changes across all skins to update a thing
get things learned from timeless into other skins

tickets for the issues
	(instead of dumb notes)
	like minerva disabling all the things that don't work
	echo not working in mobile, ooui needing to handle desktop/mobile vs skins/extensions

create hierarchy of skin support
	not put stuff into core just shoving it in wherever, but divide it into classes
timeless working around issues from other skins, but starting from scratch
	get common things in core, especially where new skin is still doing the same things
	useful to talk to other folks to make case for changing how things are done
timeless/minerva lacking the baggage of monobook/vector - good for experimentation

switch to monobook - pretty smooth
switch to vector - fiiiiight
	did not consult community (adequately) - problem?
	small things caused problems
	- now want small changes, small chages put vector into a state very similar to monobook again
	- typography refresh issues, changes always have issues, even in bigger companies
do put specific ways to set things like max width, how many columns to force, etc (normally preferences)
	no such thing as a private api - better to actually have api, because css, dom etc can change (though normally we try to avoid this)
TODO: do add note that timeless structure/dom can/will change at a whim

Thank you for hosting your session at WMHack! If you have any notes or slides please add them to the task and then make sure to close the task when there are no more actions. :)

I knew I forgot something.

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