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Orphan Tags
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On english wikipedia to change the auto wiki browser to remove the function of adding orphan tags to articles that already have at least one valid incoming link ( including lists, but niot disambig or redirects) as this is in contravention of [[WP:Orphan]], thanks

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@Atlantic306, under Options menu, please tick "Restrict orphan tag addition to linkless pages" then report back whether AWB is tagging as expected.

Hi, have only got an ipad at home so haven't been able to check yet but the problem is that the default setting of AWB is to add orphan tags to pages with less than 3 eligible incoming links which is in direct contravention of [[WP:Orphan]] which states that orphan tags should only be added to articles with no eligible links. This was confirmed at a well attended VP discussion on orphans a few months ago. Therefore the AWB should not have the default or an option to add tags to articles with at least one eligible incoming links, thanks Jimmy ( Atlantic306)

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