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Title is mandatory field in Special:AbuseLog
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I just noticed that the TItle field in Special:AbuseLog is mandatory by HTML. But, the server do not require it, as is legal URL ((auto)confirmed account is required) and it is providing a list of actions performed by AbuseFilter #1 on Czech Wikipedia, no matter the article title (or what the title field is supposed to mean).

I can create the correct URL manually, but it would be nice if I can just use the form.

Screenshots are in attachments.

Thank you for fixing this,

Martin Urbanec
cs.wikipedia admin


Screenshot from 2018-05-20 19-14-15.png (902×1 px, 226 KB)

Screenshot from 2018-05-20 19-14-52.png (441×800 px, 22 KB)

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