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Help:Merge history is next to useless
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Help:Merge history explains the idea behind Special:MergeHistory pretty well, but doesn't say a single thing about actually using the special page, which presumably would be the main reason to have a help page for it at all. I would add this documentation myself, but ironically have no idea how to use the special page because of the lack of documentation.

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@Dinoguy1000 I have made a draft for the usage instructions in my sandbox here. Please have a look.

@jeropbrenda It looks good for an overview, but could use more detail. What's a mergeable edit? What do you do if the edits you're interested in aren't shown as mergeable edits? What are possible failure modes, and how should they be handled? Etc.

@Dinoguy1000 I have added a little more detail to the page.

Aah, that looks better, yeah. =) Unless there's more you'd like to add first, I think it can be added to the help page now.

@Aklapper I have added the usage instructions to the help page and it has been marked for translation. I think this can be marked as resolved now?

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