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Special pages not updated since 4 February 2009
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Author: russblau

Special pages that are updated by the updateSpecialPages.php cron jobs have not been updated on any Wikimedia Foundation wikis since approximately 4 Feb 2009. On 12 Feb, Brion posted on wikitech-l as follows:

Last week some of the background batch jobs were reorganized to run
under a less privileged user account, a good security practice.

Unfortunately the log files the batch jobs logged to didn't have their
ownership updated, so the batch jobs were unable to actually run, due to
being unable to open their output files. :P

I've fixed the file ownership; they should start updating in the next
day or two per regular schedule.

However, it has been 5 days since that posting, and the jobs are still not running, so apparently there is some other problem.

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Aha... was writing to different log files, and there are some nice error messages. Should be able to clear this up now...

Ok, the update-special-pages and update-special-pages-small scripts had old hardcoded paths for PHP (/usr/local/bin/php which doesn't apply to current installs) *and* attempted to use /etc/cluster to pick which wikis to hit; the cluster id file is missing on hume (the batch host these are running on) and is presumably obsolete.

I'm doing a manual run of the small-wikis updates to ensure everything seems to be in order. So far so good! :)