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Make a search portal at
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From T189791#4226596

Someone suggested that, which is an API endpoint, should do something better than give an error at the top level—offer a search box, roll over to the Wikipedia portal—something useful.

I'd suggest to make a search engine that searches Wikimedia projects with tabs for encyclopedia, dictionary, images, videos (separate tabs though both from commons), library, news, books, travel destinations, species, etc. and an option to choose language. It could look similar to the standard search engine - a text box with tabs at the bottom and a button to the right.

Various visualization options could be tried such as showing the location of the results on a map or a timeline

It may improve discoverability of sister projects as not all of them are shown in the 'sister projects results' pane on-wiki.

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@Gryllida: Did you or someone else work on this at Wikimedia-Hackathon-2018 (as that tag was added to this task)?

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@Gryllida this is certainly a good idea, and unfortunately it would require resources that we don't have at the moment, as there is no front-end team available to work on search experience.

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