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Allow a "View all images" for categories when using cat-a-lot
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Sometimes when using Cat-a-lot on Wikimedia Commons I have to go through categories that contain thousands of images but I could only view a few thousand a time, there should be a way more convenient way or organising images into better sub-categories. I would like to suggest a feature where you could click on "View all images" in a category where it would load every image and then use cat-a-lot to add these images to the appropriate sub-categories, maybe Cat-a-lot should also be able to search titles or create new categories on the fly 💸 but those are separate suggestions.

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Ahhh, I didn't know that that was an option, however this concerns the way categories on Wikimedia Commons work by themselves and would also allow for mass-deletion requests to be more efficient (as much as I would hate to see them in general), it's more of a request to add "view all images" to category pages.

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