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Re-enable Special:ItemDisambiguation
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Once all of the subtasks are done.

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Ladsgroup created this task.

Yeah that's what we have to figure out. We'll try to analyze the logs a bit more to see what's going on. So far almost all of the requests to it we've seen are automated spam crap that is definitely not meant for this page.

It might be useful as a Wikibase feature, but on Wikidata itself it might not fully scale anymore.

The same had happened to quite a few special MediaWiki pages.

FWIW, I use this quite often (manually), when the search results are too numerous and I'm looking for items with a specific name, since the intitle: operator doesn't work for Wikidata items.

Moving it to search wont solve it then.

You could use ?item rdfs:label "sometext"@en instead.

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@Lydia_Pintscher This as been offline for quite some time.
Are we sure we still want it? or could we close this and the other tickets etc and kill the code?

A request was recently made on IRC to re-enable this page. What's the status?

This should really be solved somehow.

Without even a proper explanation of workarounds it places the users in limbo, even if the devs experience no problems at all. Is it possible to use elastic for a workaround? Is it possible to use some other mechanism? How do I as an editor make a simple link to a list similar to the special page?

I know how to create something I can use, but what do I tell editors at Wikipedia? Learn SPARQL to create simple links? I guess there are three or four editors at nowiki that has some knowledge on how to write a SPARQL query, perhaps an additional handfull that knows how to copy-paste to make a query.

When the editors must write complex templates to create a SPARQL query as an replacement for an existing link, then something is wrong. We need simple solutions to simple problems.