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Review the design for reading elements the RecordWizard
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@0x010C wants to have a better way to display elements to read in the RecordWizard.

There are 5 states for elements to be read in the RecordWizard:

  • to be read
  • already read, waiting for being uploaded
  • already read, already uploaded
  • an error happened
  • current element to read

those elements should have a better readability.

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@LucasWerkmeister just pointed out on twitter that items sometimes jump from one line to the next/previous, due to the width difference of the to be read state (it has currently a small border that the other states doesn't have).

Capture du 2018-06-20 11-37-26.png (526×1 px, 55 KB)

I've made a first try by changing colors. It's a bit better in my opinion but there is still work to do.
I took the opportunity to fix the issue reported by @LucasWerkmeister.

See this commit.

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A new design for the whole RecordWizard was made, including huge changes on the list of words to record, see T240552.

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This has been implemented in version 2.0.0 of Lingua Libre, especially in commits d9b0a431 and 3df585a2.