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alias __TOC__ to {{#TOC}} and add TOC style options to such parser function
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out of all magic names of the form __some-name__ only __TOC__ inserts something at the place where it is included in the wiki
text. All other of the kind influence only how a page is rendered.

Thus, for the sake of consistency, add another name, like {{#TOC}} or similar, and after a while phase __TOC__ out.

Not proposed here and now, but something possibly worth thinking about: There could later be {{#TOC:parameters}} as to influence the style of the toc, such as with/out numbering,
right/center/left, with/out "hide" button, initially un/hidden, general or page-specific sticky hide, width, CSS-id, CSS-class, etc.

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{{TOC}} is a bit ofrisk regarding templates that currently exit and do this already.

{{#TOC}} would work I guess, although some of the options listed there seem like overkill / too many options, the following sound useful though. Implementation ala [[File:]] sounds great, so that the order won't matter, nor are parameter names required and the values can be easily localized for content language.

  • left/right (unnamed parameter, default left, inserts a class, styled via shared.css)
  • maxlevel=[1-6] (dont show headings higher than this level)
  • class='' (adds additinonal classes to the default 'toc' class, such as visualClear, or fancy-toc)
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A replacement for Compact TOC might be nice too.

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