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Enhance the microphone calibration tool
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Currently, the microphone calibration tool in the tutorial step shows a colored volume-bar, and the users has to configure his microphone according to it, no verifications are done.

This has for consequence that some users just skip the calibration (or they do it too quickly) which causes them to have problems during the studio step:

  • The studio doesn't detect any voice, and so the record nevers start;
  • The record starts, but if voice got just a bit lower it will stop in the middle of a word;
  • ....

Solutions for that could be:

  • Make the current calibration tool easier to understand (how?);
  • Change it to make a mini studio with 2-3 words as a test to train (it will require more development);
  • Enhance the UX of the studio so that users will be able to understand by themselves the problem they're facing (how?);
  • ...

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0x010C created this task.May 30 2018, 9:20 AM

I've made a first try by implementing somehow the second solution: A buton allowinf the user to record one word, which will be played one second later. Lets see how users will react.

See the commit.

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