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HTML tweaks / Clean up ImagePage.php
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Wrap "morelinkstoimage" within the div "mw-imagepage-section-linkstoimage" (diff to r47394)

Please clean up the imagePage.php to have proper HTML and no more FIXME/TODO in source.

I have make a few little change. My matter is to wrap "morelinkstoimage" within the div "mw-imagepage-section-linkstoimage", because it belongs to the other things in that div.

I cannot help by the TODO and FIXME.

I hope "user interface" is the right component.
Thank you.

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Severity: enhancement

attachment ImagePage.php ignored as obsolete



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Created attachment 5849
a diff instead a new file of ImagePage.php

I have create a diff, instead of a new file with more little change then the first attachment.

attachment ImagePage.txt ignored as obsolete

Created attachment 5854
new Patch with more tweaks

My last try to make the HTML-Source more readable and add two divs. One for the metadata-section and one for the filehistory-section. Wrap "morelinkstoimage" into the existing div. Add ids "reupload-link" and "edit-external".

Feel free to change anything or make more. Thanks.

attachment ImagePage-patch.txt ignored as obsolete

Please resubmit without changing <tag attr=""> to <tag attr=''>. We generally use the former and changing these is useless.

Also, patch does not apply, I get a mis-smatched chunks error.

Created attachment 5967
new patch with using quots for atts

I hope the new patch is better and can used in the way you want used it.

I had not work with patch before.

attachment patch.txt ignored as obsolete

Sorry, but I don't like your patch. You don't need to use always the same quote-style. You can mix them and by that save a lot escapes, which makes the code a lot more readable.

Example (and that is completely fine):
$wgOut->addHTML( '<div id="shared-image-desc">' . $this->mExtraDescription . "</div>\n" );

Agree with Patrick. Also, I'm still getting the mis-matched chunks error. Are you diff'ing against trunk?

Created attachment 5973
new patch for HTML tweaks on ImagePage.php

I have download the php-Script from

Open with [[WinMerge]], make the change and create a unified patch and attached them

I do not know it was a good idee but you can find the source on my sandbox under (diff:

I hope you can work with that.