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Review a diff including Senses
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As an editor of Wikidata-Lexeme I want to be able to review a diff including Senses to see what exactly was changed in an edit.


How it should look like when changing a Gloss:

Screenshot_20180731_101803.png (356×2 px, 32 KB)

(analogous for adding and removing a Gloss)

For statement edits the breadcrumbs would be analogous to this diff on a Form:

Acceptance criteria:

  • Any diff including a Sense is showing all the changes made in the edit

Personas to take into account:
Niels - Active editor on Wikidata
Alex - Data user in small startup

Event Timeline

Example: beta:Special:Diff/1041639 is a diff for an edit that added a sense. Currently, the diff is empty.

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