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EventLogging-based extensions cause errors on
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EventLogging on is currently configured to not use as its Schema source, but instead to use itself own local schema source. In theory, that would be useful for testing purposes of some kind.

However, in practice, I have not seen this happen. If anything, it actually causes log noise:

2018-06-03T14:20:20	INFO	EventLogging	mw1324	test2wiki	Request to failed.
2018-06-03T14:20:20	INFO	EventLogging	mw1324	test2wiki	Request to failed.
2018-06-03T14:18:03	INFO	EventLogging	mw1327	test2wiki	Request to failed.

As well as client-side in the browser:

(error) [NavigationTiming] Missing or empty schema

This is because various extensions are enabled on test2wiki that use EventLogging.

At first I thought, it just meant that the schemas aren't defined locally (but that they could be), but thats not the case. Even if I were to create a Schema by the same name, it still wouldn't work because it's keyed by revision ID, which (to a first approximation) cannot be created at-will.

For some repository-client relationships (such as CentralNotice and Wikibase), I think using test2wiki in this way makes sense. But I think we should reconsider whether this is useful for EventLogging.

Alternatively, if we believe that it is useful, we should find a way to disable stuff that is coded against Meta-Wiki (not sure how, though).

For the purposes of debugging or testing, I'm not sure what a user can actually test, given it would still require server-side patching to consume or register a schema module. That could be done via mwdebug live hacks, but at that point, it would seem much easier to do in the Beta Cluster, or locally.

For use cases of UI testing, the production site ( and Beta Cluster both seem adequate already.

See also:

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This is one of the things that bugs Andrew about EL, so I'm putting it in the list of things to work on for Modern Event Platform (which is a superset of EL 2.0)

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We won't be fixing this as part of Modern Event Platform. Can test2wiki's config just be updated to use

@Ottomata As far as I'm concerned, yes it could. The use case for the current configuration is that test2wiki is its own EventLogging repo. This allows you to test things even if you perhaps don't want to do that on Meta-Wiki.

If this use case is no longer needed, or if Beta Cluster and/or local development suffices for that, then it would make sense to remove that in favour of a normal client.

Change 583149 had a related patch set uploaded (by Krinkle; owner: Krinkle):
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Convert test2wiki from EventLogging repo to client-only

Change 583149 merged by jenkins-bot:
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Convert test2wiki from EventLogging repo to client-only

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