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[timebox 4h] Merging lexemes
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Research for T189129

  • how does merging for items currently work?
    • API, special page, gadget in place for that
    • help page in place that explains how item merging works
  • conceptual questions regarding the merging of lexeme properties
    • forms should be considered
    • senses do not have to be considered, yet (covered by hike implementing T195652 ff.)
  • document findings

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senses do not have to be considered, yet (covered by hike implementing T195652 ff.)

If senses are not covered by this ticket @Lydia_Pintscher then we should have a seperate ticket in the senses hike for merging senses (which I don't think we do right now)

Assumptions not (yet) explicitly mentioned in the ticket (T189129)

  • lexemes with different lexical category or language cannot be merged
  • merging of lemmas works like merging labels (identical ones ignored, others added to the target)

Conceptual Questions

  • Do we create a new special page? Special:MergeLexemes? UX!?
  • Do we create a new API endpoint? wblmergelexemes?
  • What happens if one lexeme links to a form of the other lexeme? Do we abort the merge?
  • What happens if a form has a subset of the representations of a form on the other lexeme? (e.g. en: colors, en-gb: colours vs only en:colors)
  • What happens if a form has a subset of the grammatical features of a form on the other lexeme? (e.g. 1st person singular, nominative vs only 1st person singular)

To be tested

  • What happens to statements that reference the Lexeme that got merged into the other? Does that magically work through redirects?
  • Make sure statements linking to merged/"deleted" deleted forms does not explode?

Technical investigation starts here.

Item Merging

  • API endpoint: Wikibase\Repo\Api\MergeItems
  • Special page: Wikibase\Repo\Specials\SpecialMergeItems
  • shared between API and special page: Wikibase\Repo\Interactors\ItemMergeInteractor
  • ItemMergeInteractor basically does all the things
    • loads entities from ID
    • applies merge ChangeOps
    • saves
    • updates WatchList
  • ChangeOpsMerge
    • generates label, description, alias, sitelink and statement ChangeOps
    • not great: validation happens sprinkled across methods (e.g. link check in generateStatementsChangeOps)
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