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Add statistics table to information_schema_p
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On Toolforge, I would like to easily find out what indexes are available on a given table and given schema. It seems this is normally offered in statistics table of information_schema, but I see information_schema_p.statistics is missing.

information_schema.statistics (not _p) is available, but for whatever reason I'm unable to query it. Even for a simple SELECT with LIMIT 1 it just hangs.

Most ideal would be the ability to do SHOW INDEX FROM enwiki_p.revision, and even better somehow make this work on the views like revision_userindex.

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SHOW INDEX FROM enwiki_p.revision will not be possible, at least not short term, because views cannot show indexes, and in order to do that for the underlying table, you need select grants, which is the whole point of having the views in the first place.

information_schema will not work because of the lack of those selects grants, plus the amount of objects on the server (~200000), which makes querying it very slow (solved partially on MySQL 8.0).

What we can do short term is offer an information_schema_p.statistics copy that is fast to query. We need to check how, but that should be doable.

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