Add a last synced status indicator on reading lists
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As a synced reading list user, I am unsure if and when syncing was last successfully completed.

Proposed solution:

Add an explicit last synced status indicator in the Reading lists UI with the Refresh sync action.

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If we still don't provide the user with the ability to see their lists in a different location, would a time stamp really improve the user's confidence that the lists were in fact synced? Just because the app shows a time stamp, it's still not a guarantee that the list are synced successfully, from the user's point of view. (Are there any other apps that expose the last-sync time to the user?)

Engineering note: the proposed design would necessitate a custom Menu component that supports multi-line items with different styles.

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hi @Dbrant - there is value in showing users directly on the interface they are using details about the last sync/backup time, though I am obviously in favour of a web UI as being a useful thing to have beyond a sync checking service.

A few other examples of status shown with a sync/refresh action I've seen in the wild below:


BeyondPod podcast app

Google Photos (when tapped, the cloud icon shows a last backup completed message, or else starts backing up photos)

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Change 456777 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cooltey; owner: Cooltey):
[apps/android/wikipedia@master] [WIP] Add a last synced status indicator on reading lists

Hi, @RHo

Dose it look good to you if the date format shows in the format Sep 4, 2018, 14:16?
Because when I set in the code to show the date in format d MMM yyyy HH:mm, it won't show the 4 Sep 2018 14:16 format in the overflow menu.

RHo added a comment.Sep 5 2018, 8:51 AM

hi @cooltey - this format ostensibly seems fine as long as the time stamp is shown, however you may want to check with @Dbrant, since different languages have different ways of showing time and date formats.

Oh but unrelated, the divider line in the mock is too dark, please use the Material theme borders and rules color as stipulated in (in Light theme this is Black@12%). Thanks!

Thanks, @RHo. Will do it.

Dbrant added a comment.Sep 6 2018, 8:43 PM

The date format should work, since it will automatically pass through Android's localization logic.

However, I feel that I must restate my strong objection to the proliferation of custom components, of which this is yet another. Cooltey's patch, while it does the job correctly, adds about 200 lines' worth of a new custom component, which will need to be maintained for the remaining lifetime of the app.

RHo added a comment.Sep 6 2018, 8:55 PM

Ahh that is not ideal. @cooltey @Dbrant , can we use an existing timestamp component rather than this custom one? The main thing is to show a timestamp of last synced, the nitty gritty of the display style just needs to be adaptable to local language display formats.

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[apps/android/wikipedia@master] Add a last synced status indicator on reading lists