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Add upload_by_url to editor (arwiki)
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According to local discussion and unanimous consent in our local community, we want to add "upload_by_url" to "editor" user group in arabic wikipedia. Thanks.

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Hello @Urbanecm can you help here, please? Or do you know any one who will be interested to help on it?

I have a few warnings.

  1. There's strict whitelist regarding domains that can be used as a source for URL based uploading. For all projects but commons, the whitelist is * and * only. Commons has its own whitelist and more websites are included. I think that any request for removing this whitelist (=whitelist all domains) will be vetoed by system administrators, because it can be abused easily.
  2. By default, URL uploading is API-only. I guess you want this to be added to Special:Upload as well.
  3. I'm not sure if we can enable upload by url feature on additional wikis. I'd like to see opinions of others. Will ping other people working on site requestsv in our conpherence room


Can we add upload.wikimedia to whitelist?, when I resize image I use upload.wikimedia url sometimes.

That's a good question. I remember some discussions (althrough I don't know on which task such discussions were) about technical restrictions regarding communication between and server caring about upload_by_url feature (I can remember somebody said in that discussion it is technically restricted).

Because is whitelisted on, I've tried to perform a file upload via URL on and it completed with success (testwiki administrators can verify here). It will probably work in the same way on any other wiki, but - I'm not sure if we can (should) process.


From non-technical side, why would you ever upload images that are just resized? MediaWiki can resize them for you and even if they should be uploaded in separate size separately, they should be uploaded on Commons, because they are free and everything free should be on Commons. Local upload is for non-free uploads only and as such tool it is enabled only on wikis with an EDP (Exemption Doctrine Policy).

On arwiki Upload by URL disabled:
"error":{"code":"copyuploaddisabled","info":"Upload by URL disabled."

Well, it wasn't enabled yet, so this is not a problem :). I'd like to know why do you need this feature?

It would be easier for me to upload images by URL instead of downloading and uploading the image from my device.

That's just repeating what the feature does. Question is what kind of images do you want to upload in this way? What domains do you need? What do you plan with this particular domain you want to be whitelisted?

For example, transfer images from English Wikipedia to Arabic, (Fair use images) as movie posters etc..
From domain.

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Currently, the upload by URL whitelist doesn't allow to transfer files from one site to another.

I concur it would be useful, but ops would prefer for that to make the storage backend (the component where files are stored) more intelligent to avoid a local copy only to move from one project to another one.

Declining, until an usecase is provided.