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Filter for term type
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As a user I would like to filter term types in the term list, so I can select the type I am interested in (e.g. titel).

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When I am at the bottom of the languages list I see a toolbar with a button that has a 'filter' icon
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When I click the 'filter' button
then a section after the toolbar appears and the 'filter' icon changes.
It shows a list of term types and checkboxes.

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When I select/deselet a termtype
then the list of terms above is updated.

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When I click the 'filter' button again
then a section after the toolbar disappears and the 'filter' icon changes back.

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Jonas created this task.

When checking/unchecking different filters (label, description, alias) the filter selection should always stay in place and not jump according to how much content is shown in the core list. Only the content is changing and therefor probably jumping. Ideally the filter selection should stick to the bottom part of the screen. In case the content between the termbox header and the filter selection is too few to fill the screen, the floating behaviour of the filter selection overrides the floating beaviour of the termbox header as the user is focused on that part of the screen.
e.g. if a user unchecks aliases and descriptions the header is pulled down with the collapsing core. If the user confirms tghe filter selection, the tab bar (with the filter confirmation button/tab and the show more languages tab) will stay in place and only the expanded section will collapse.

Select/unselect seems to be buggy when clicking the label instead of the checkbox.

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