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Install some MediaWiki extensions
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Some realy usefull extensions are curently missing, especially Echo and Thanks to allow more user interactions.
Some UI tests have to be done before, to check that echo's notification icons are shown in the right place.

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@Yug: I've reverted your change, because SVG are natively supported by MediaWiki, no need of an additional extension.

Yug added a comment.EditedDec 25 2018, 10:26 PM

@0x010C, does it actually work for you ? You can use the font awesome svg from here and try to upload on special:upload

I just tried a second time, svg upload got rejected a second time. Svg support seems missing, see screenshot.

@Yug: This is unrelated to installing mediawiki extensions. MediaWiki (ans thus Lingua Libre) support the display of svg files, even if the upload of svg files is disabled locally. In fact, Lingua Libre is not meant to host files like images; for that, there is Wikimedia Commons. And after a quick search, your icon is already there: [[File:Font Awesome 5 solid microphone-alt.svg ]] (

Yug added a comment.EditedDec 25 2018, 10:59 PM

Import from commons works ! * 0 *


Thank you :D