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Confusing results in Turnilo
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I think the best person to tag here is @Ottomata.

I'm looking at some data in Turnilo, and in particular looking into a spike in pageviews in France on May 20, in which pageviews doubled.

When I split this out by Agent Type, I can see that it looks like the spike in traffic is from spiders. Makes sense.

But then when I split it out by Project, the spike is totally gone. Though Turnilo only lets me display ten lines on the graph, I've selected the top 10 most popular wikis in France, and still seeing no spike.

Do you know where that spike is hiding when I split by project?

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Spike is due to a bot (python-urllib), best visible if you split by UA: and filtering by that bot you can see the projects selected (wikisource and incubator) are the ones most affected, those are small and not displaying on your top list.

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