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PolyGerrit doesn't support old UI URLs
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The new UI seems to escape URLs differently than the old. E.g., consider the following query: (project:mediawiki/skins/MinervaNeue+OR+project:mediawiki/extensions/MobileFrontend). The URL in the old UI is this:

The new UI shows a 404. I can, however, rebuild the query in the new UI and it generates this less friendly URL:

The old UI works with the new URLs but the new UI doesn't work with the old URLs. It's probably not a big deal since I can just make new URLs but it's confusing. I thought these queries were completely unsupported until I tried to file this report. Also, the old URLs are so easy to construct by hand and read.

Another longer example:

And the new query:

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Forwarded this upstream

Seems this issue was fixed on the master branch some how.

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I noticed this issue today when i wanted to share Gerrit links in a meeting and for multiple other users they were 404.

I wanted to report it as something that might require Apache rewrites before we can make Polygerrit default, then learned that this ticket already exists :) Thanks @Paladox

Note that this issue is fixed upstream but due to a big refactor in gr-router (which is how it maps the urls) it will require a new commit.

But i believe upstream are discussing to branch 2.16 now and then release it at the re hackathon in november (but that is not coming from google employees who do the releasing)

Paladox closed subtask T210785: Upgrade Gerrit to 2.15.8 as Resolved.

We have upgraded to 2.15.8 now. This should be fixed.