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Localization issue for MonoBook skin
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The new preference option, MediaWiki:Monobook-responsive-label, has already been translated to many languages on

However, it seems like l10n bot does not import these translations to the software.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to [[Special:Preferences]] on any Wikimedia wiki.
  2. Change your skin to MonoBook (if you don't have it already set).
  3. Save your preferences.
  4. Change your interface language to Hebrew (he) or German (de) or any other language to which the new preference option is already translated.
  5. Go to the second tab in your preferences.
  6. You should see "Enable responsive MonoBook design" instead of the translated label.

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The translations are in Gerrit already, i.e.

AFAIS the change was cherrypicked to wmf/1.32.0-wmf.7 ( )

I guess some magic with the LocalizationUpdate script on WMF server has to be done... At least with the next deployment train this bug should be fixed automatically....

Guycn2 claimed this task.

Never mind, I see that it is now translated on Beta-Cluster, so it probably just took more time than usual. Thanks anyway :)

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