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Build base image for math extension pipeline tests
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Build base image using docker-pkg in integration/config directory.

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A summary of our chat yesterday:

You can look at the releng/quibble-stretch container for some inspiration.

  • you would need composer to install the mediawiki/core dependencies. Probably using the composer.lock that comes from mediawiki/vendor . Can probably be copied from
  • there is a list of php extensions provided by Debian packages. In Quibble that covers all extensions that got migrated, but for Math you probably need less. I think you would need at least:


Maybe php-gd and imagemagick as well.

  • Tidy is gone in master branch, it has been replaced by RemexHTML
  • Apache might not be too complicated to integrate (ENTRYPOINT apache2 -D FOREGROUND), but probably you want to first prototype with php -S for sake of simplicity. quibble/ has the few lines of logic to make it happen.
  • MySQL should be in another container. quibble-stretch/mariadb.cnf has some configuration, notably:

I am not worried about the crafting the container :] Orchestrating them and getting them to get to know each other is a dark area to me but that is the Kubernetes promise as you said!

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Declining this for now, will revisit in future quarters