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Switchable wrapper in AbuseFilter's error message
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Large projects have their own templates for reporting filter errors, moreover, there is a gradation of patterns, for example, in Russian Wikipedia, the templates for soft filters and hard filters are differently designed (Википедия:Фильтр_правок#Сообщения,

Current outcome

When you try to save, all entire message MediaWiki:Abusefilter-*** is displayed in red wrapper based on Html::errorBox. Regardless of the type, at the moment we have a red text color and a box in the box.

In the same time if you are trying to edit a page which protected by filter, no wrappers will appear.

Expected outcome

  • First, we need to make the same display: when you try to edit and when you try to save.
  • Second, I think it will be useful to create the ability to customize this wrapper so that projects can design it as more convenient. As far as I understand, the wrapper functionality has been added for those who do not have such a number of templates. To save this, I think it is possible to add a page, for example MediaWiki:Abusefilter-wrapper, and you can change it to overwrite the wrapper. The second option is to create centrally individual messages that are dependent on the action:

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Strongly related to T187072, probably better to kill two birds with one stone

I don't think so. This is about allowing users to customize the style, the other is for making the text inside not become red. Probably it would be nice to solve everything at once, but the tasks aren't for the exact same thing.

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I added the UI-Standardization tag because of this extension needs to separate errors/prohibitions and warnings. Remove this tag if I'm wrong, please.

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The color choice above fails strongly color contrast requirements for WCAG 2.0 level AA. I'd recommend orienting on Design Style Guide recommendations for error messages (also covered in T127405).

@Volker_E Well, that color choice should be modified in core, as that's the style for Html::errorBox. And yeah, it's awful, T187072.