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Handle scrollable references when generating PDFs
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**This limitation has been recorded in**

When an article has scrollable references section (example: the printed version looks very bad. The main cause is that references sections are wrapped with an element with inline max-height: 300px, overflow: auto styles.

Both the PDF renderer and browser print are affected.
We cannot do too much in that case as those styles are this is done by <div class="reflist4" style="max-height: 300px; overflow: auto; padding:12px"> added by the editor.

Close up:

Developer notes

This is a local wiki issue and can only be fixed by the community. Arabuc Wiki do not use any templates for reflist. If they did they could make use of TemplateStyles and make use of a media query to limit these styles to "screen" e.g. not "print" media

@media screen {
 .reflist {
    height: 300px; overflow: auto; padding:12px
Other possible solutions
  1. add a javascript that runs before page.printToPDF() that goes through content children and removes max-heigh and overflow styles.

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It's tracked in limitations, so easy to revive this if needed.