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Create demo system for user testing
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For presenting the prototype we need a demo system and deploy the code there.
Ideally some VPS instance with a cron job that pulls the master branch every few minutes.

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Jonas triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 13 2018, 8:54 AM
Jonas created this task.

Well... we can't use a tool with wikidata in the name.. T190707

I'll perhaps use a VPS instead

Creating wikidata-mobile.eqiad.wmflabs

WMF cloud project: wikidata-dev
Instance name: wikidata-mobile

Within the instance....

  • The code is in /srv/termbox/git
  • There is a cron on the root crontab pulling every minuite
  • There is a screen on the dev user running "PORT='80' HOST='' npm run dev"

It probably isn't the more resilient test system, but lets see.
We need to use the dev server in order to have the proxy to avoid CORS issues for talking to the wikidata api
The service runs as root so it can bind to port 80 without other faff.

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