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Some categories remain in Wantedcategories but they are empty
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On the French-language Wikipedia, some empty categories are displayed on the special page [[fr:Special:Wantedcategories]] since some years, although they have been deleted and are empty since some years. These categories are :

  • "* (noms vernaculaires)" (where * is "Flore", "Mammifère", "Oiseau", "Lépidoptère", "Coléoptère"), since June 2006
  • "* (noms scientifiques)" (where * is "Faune", "Flore", "Araignée"), since June 2006
  • "Nom de scène sous forme de prénom", since 2007
  • possibly "Faune de France (lépidoptère)" and "Ulvophytes (nom scientifique)", since 2007
  • possibly others

Could you see if you can remove these categories from the list ?
Perhaps it is just a temporary problem in MySQL (when these categories have been deleted) or possibly a deeper problem in MediaWiki.

Thank you

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I add:

  • "Catégorie:Apostrophe dactylographique"

Resolved with the action made for bug 15152. Thanks Roan Kattouw!