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Tag edits made in Android app with an Android-specific tag
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One of the success metrics that the Android team has in the annual plan is the rate of edits made with the Android app specifically. Currently we just have a broad mobile app edit tag that indicates which edits were made with either app, so we also need to tag those edits with android app edit (in addition to mobile app edit). This is a fairly high-priority task across both mobile apps teams because we need to establish baselines for both, so we need to start tracking platform-specific edits as soon as possible.

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According to T194424#4298147 this is resolved by 440969

Thank you @Dbrant!!! I'll leave it to Michael to mark this as done when the patch is deployed to prod.


Non-emergency deployments are barred this week because of the SRE offsite, so we should be able to get this deployed next Monday, a week from today.

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Priority back to High, it was messed up because of our board's setup.

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I'm closing this one and leaving T194424: Provide separate edit tags for Android and iOS apps open in case @Mholloway wants to address Lego's comments.

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