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[Bug] Cannot select item from "Grammatical features" suggester on tablet
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Bug reported here by KaMan

I use newest Chrome for my tablet (build 67.0.3396.87, Android) in desktop mode of the interface.
I have no problem with suggesters on Special:NewLexeme page (like selecting Language of Lexeme).
I have no problem on newly created lexeme page when I select properties and theirs values for lexeme.
The problem comes when I'm trying to enter any form to this lexeme. I enter string representation of the form and language of the representation and then click with my finger on "Grammatical features" field. Then I start typing string of some item (for example Q146786). Suggester finds this item and highlights it. Then I select this item from suggester with my finger by single click on it. Then strangely whole page reloads and page with Q146786 is opened. I lost page with my lexeme. This way I cannot select anything with this suggester on my tablet.

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Couldn't reproduce yet since I don't have the right device with me now. Feel free to try.

I could reproduce this bug with android "build 64 and 67.0.3396.87" and it happens the same as claimed by user KaMan. I also tested it in a tablet with Firefox 60.0.2 and this bug didnt happen. So, looks like its a chrome bug.

I believe that effect comes from the fact that items in suggester list are links. Somehow on chrome hook on these links is ommited and normal page reload happens. Despite chrome I think that if lexeme user interface is supposed to be consistent with other suggesters in wikidata interface then these links should be removed becouse they are not visible in other suggesters of wikidata.

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