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Remove the small audio breakouts that happens sometimes
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For some records (mainly on firefox, didn't get them on Chrome), I hear some small "pops" in the middle of the record, meaning there is a breakout in the audio stream.

See this audio record for example:

When I check the spectrogram of this file, there is something strange near 0.34s (the red bar):

The audio breakout becomes clearer when we zoom in at this timecode on the waveform view:

For some reason, it seems that the record just jumps/misses some audio samples...

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In the LinguaRecorder library, when switching from the listening state to the recording state, we had to disconnect a first ScriptProcessorNode (see doc) and then connect the second one. If some audio sample arrived in-between, they got lost, creating the small audio breakout. To avoid this, I now use only one ScriptProcessorNode (which also simplifies other functions, because we no longer need to manage node disconnection / reconnection in many places).

Fixed in this commit..

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