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CX2: Quickly switch between alternative link label translations
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When machine translation services are used in Content Translation, these are applied to translate the link labels. For some cases, this results in wrong translations, and keeping the article title of the target language is the desired result. For example, a link to "Jack White" may result in a translation where "White" is interpreted and translated as the colour.

This is a particular case of the more general ticket of surfacing quick corrections to the user (T96165). In this case the alternative suggestions are not based on the previous user corrections, but on the article title in the target language.

The example below shows a translation from Spanish to English where a link to "Los Ángeles" (Spanish name of the city of Los Angeles) is translated literally as "The Angels". When selecting the link, a "quick correction" card is shown for the link, allowing the user to correct it.

1. The user selects a link2. A correction is proposed3. The correction is applied, replacing the original label
CX-link-correct-initial.png (720×1 px, 270 KB)
CX-link-correct-suggested.png (720×1 px, 291 KB)
CX-link-correct-replaced.png (720×1 px, 270 KB)

When a correction is applied (either by the user or automatically), the user is provided a way to revert the correction:

1. The user selects a link that was previously corrected2. The option to revert the correction is proposed 3. The correction is reverted
CX-link-correct-replaced.png (720×1 px, 271 KB)
CX-link-correct-undo.png (720×1 px, 292 KB)
CX-link-correct-initial.png (720×1 px, 269 KB)

When the correction is reverted, users can apply it again in the same way as before.

Details to consider:

  • The "Quick correction" card will be shown only for cases where the initial label of the link when adapted is different from the title of the page in the target wiki. That is, we are not going to offer a correction if both options are the same, since that would result in no change at all.
  • The user selection will be remembered for the next time that the same link appears in the document. For example, if the source article includes 3 links pointing to Los Angeles, once the user corrects the first one, the rest will be automatically corrected as part of the adaptation process (i.e., they will be added with the same form as the first one). This won't affect the choices of other links that point to different articles, since the decision to use the translated title or the page title depends on a case by case basis.
    • Similarly, if the user undoes a correction that was applied automatically, the correction for the same link on the next paragraphs added to the translation won't be applied automatically.

This was suggested by a translator in this discussion topic.

Related also to T106428: Use article title when adapting links for languages without MT

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I love the quick correction box! The design shows pretty much the same thing I imagined in T210308, so it's a dupe. Thanks!