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New mail list for Signpost team
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  • Requested name of the mailing list (ending in
  • Reasoning/explanation of purpose: private mail list to discuss issues not for public such as rejection of a submission
  • Initial list administrator's email address:
  • Secondary list administrator's email address:

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@Brianhe: Will a secondary list administrator's email address be provided?

herron triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 20 2018, 1:34 PM

Just a brief note that we have a prospective backup admin, the Signpost Editor-in-Chief, but I have to make sure they are OK with email address appearing on Phabricator. If possible I'd like to assign them after the list is created.

Email of Editor-in-Chief:

Hi @Brianhe, has been created and the system should have sent the initial password directly to you. Since you requested to assign the secondary owner after list creation I've left that step for you to complete.

Please also take a moment to review the settings of the list. Because this is described as a private list I've set subscription to "confirm and approve" and made the list archives private, but you may of course adjust these settings to your liking.

I'll transition this to resolved now, but please don't hesitate to re-open if any follow-up is needed. Thanks!

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