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Cannot add lemma to lexeme
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I have problem with lexeme L3529. I want to add two lemmas to it: "AK-owski" and "akowski" according to some Polish dictionary. First I created lexeme with "AK-owski" only.

capture_001_20062018_153016.jpg (1×1 px, 152 KB)

Then I opened space to add extra lemma to it.
capture_002_20062018_153038.jpg (1×1 px, 166 KB)

Then I added extra lemma and saved it.
capture_003_20062018_153055.jpg (1×1 px, 157 KB)

Then I refreshed page and second lemma disappeared.
capture_004_20062018_153107.jpg (1×1 px, 152 KB)

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