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Conduct user testing of the Wikitext keyboard prototype
Closed, ResolvedPublicJul 13 2018



As a Hackathon project, @Dbrant created an initial prototype for adding a Wikitext keyboard for Android devices, which aims to enables users who edit in wikitext to do so more efficiently on their mobile devices (either in-app or in the mobile web browser).
The goal of this study is to gather feedback from existing contributors about the usefulness of this feature in improving the mobile editing experience, identify improvements to the wikitext keyboard design, and finally to gauge overall attitudes of users in regards to editing on mobile devices.
Since the target user is an editor familiar with wikitext, the aim is to conduct testing at Wikimania 2018 where presumably a number of attendees will match the participant requirements.

To do:

Test APK

  • Download and install the APK (will install as Wikipedia Alpha)
  • Enable the keyboard by going to Settings -> System -> Languages and Input -> Virtual Keyboard -> Manage Keyboards ->enable "Wikipedia Alpha" keyboard.
  • Once the keyboard is enabled, you can be in any Edit field where the keyboard is shown (preferably when editing articles in the app), and switch to the new keyboard by pressing the Globe button, or long-pressing the space bar (or however you usually switch between keyboard languages).
  • Sample things to observe:
    • Do users know the shortcut to adding a link?
    • How do users undo and redo?
    • Do users know how to preview their edit?


Due Date
Jul 13 2018, 10:00 PM

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Testing with app 2.7.237-alpha-2018-06-29 (the test Alpha provided) and Samsung Galaxy Express 3 SM-J120A (Android 6.0.1). The device I used doesn't have "Virtual Keyboard" in System Settings or App Settings (I'm on a family reunion holiday and left my other Android testing devices at home) so I didn't want to continue to any further steps without asking. Here's a screencap of what it looks like.

@Nicholas.tsg I think if you tap keyboard and input preferences you may see the wikitext keyboard available. Different Android devices can have different settings navigation models. Let me know if that works.

I am still testing this build, but wanted to share some feedback so far.

This is on a Huawei Honor with Android 7.0
The preview link, undo, redo, back to keyboard buttons are really dark. All the buttons are a little on the dark side as well.
It might be good to expand the buttons to increase readability and make better use of the space. The light gray text on the black button is a bit difficult to read.

Tapping preview link on external links causes some oddness with article previews. These are from external links. The one for github is a good link.

Dingo's kidneys. I'll check out the button color issue on 7.0.

As for external links, I'll just make them non-previewable. The preview is intended only for Wiki links.

OK! Even though I wasn't able to reproduce the dark-button issue on my devices (with Android 7.0), I made a tweak that I believe might fix it on the Huawei Honor.
(You can use the same APK link in the description to re-download the app)

Looks good now. Also looks ok on Moto X with Android 5.1

Moto X

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