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Organize existing PAWS documentation
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There are many pages/locations of PAWS documentation listed at some of which needs to be merged or updated.
There are 2 related ideas that need to be kept in mind:

The existing documentation should be organized and centralized, in order to make information easier to find, with the future improvements to the tool's own interface as part of the planning.

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Quiddity created this task.Jun 22 2018, 4:48 AM

My main concern in writing this task, are the outdated details (and split talkpage feedback) of the Old Notes at mediawikiwiki. I hope someone who understands the tool well, can merge that page into the wikitech pages (or propose a better alternative plan).

Possibly the content currently in the wikitech Introduction page should appear within the root page? But the 2 other tasks in description also need to be taken into account.

For now, I've added the missing links that I could find, to the section linked in the description.
I've also mocked up a potential navbox but I suspect some of those links aren't worth including in a navbox (e.g. the SAL links).

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