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Validating the language of a Gloss
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Currently any input is accepted for the language of a Gloss. We should restrict this in order to make it easier to re-use and to be able to do language fallbacks etc.

Acceptance criteria:

  • I can not enter a language for a Gloss that is not in the list we validate against (list of label languages).
  • I can enter any language that is on the list we validate against.

GIVEN I am on a Lexeme page
AND I edit a Gloss
WHEN I enter a language that is not considered valid
THEN the field is highlighted in red
AND the save button is grayed out

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Is client-side validation (T198203: Check gloss language codes in UI) required for this? It’s not (yet?) implemented for form representations either.

I'd say yes. Is there a good reason not do it?

@Lydia_Pintscher The patch should be landing on beta at some point today.

Just as we were merging it @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE pointed out 1 thing:

I was just editing some glosses for an unrelated task with this patch still checked out, and I found it to be a bit overly intrusive – the warning pops up too often while you’re entering a language code (because “e” is not a valid language code even though “en” is).

Should we investigate it popping up less? / only when the user moves focus away from the language field? / after a short time period?

Yeah if it is annoying we should try to see if there are ways to make it less annoying. If you or UX have ideas please go ahead.