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Create Privacy page for Wikimini
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From conversation with Laurent about possible extensions

  • Extension:Checkuser you will want to limited people who can access it to registered data controllers only. <-- Already installed
  • Extension:UserMerge might come in handy if one merges the user to an existing generic one set up by the Wiki Admin. <-- Maybe renaming the user woud be a simplier and acceptable solution (if hiding the operation in the recent changes)
  • Extension:CookieWarning will add a banner. It's not sure if this meets a consent opt-in as required by GDRP <-- Yes, that's a really simple extension that could be installed (by me). But it looks like Wikipedia and other WMF sites do not use it.
  • Extension:Comments or Extension:Flow/Extension:StructuredDiscussions to substitute Facebook ad Disqus Comments plugins/functions, see Topic:Uddcz0ah9i70au4o? <-- We do not use Facebook or Disqus Comments, but anyway the StructuredDiscussions is a MUST for our Wiki... but it would be more complex to deploy (currently we are using an old version of the LiquidThreads extension for our talk pages, but its developement has been cancelled and it is unmaintained - it has quite a lot of bugs).
  • Extension:AccountInfo - shows users what private data is stored about them (partially) <-- I would not install it because it is still "experimental".
  • Extension:Replace Text (comes bundled with MW 1.31+): may be used to hide real names in signed comments with ~~ <-- Good to see that it comes bundled with Mediawiki 1.31.
  • Extension:NewSignupPage to edit the Sign-up page for removing the (optional) field requesting the realname. <-- Not sure about this one.
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Please contact Mattias about this.

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