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"patrol" API endpoint "tags" parameter is unused
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I'm not sure how to make a bug out of this, but I want to note that nobody is taking advantage of the "tags" parameter on patrol actions, which will create ChangeTags. The API help makes it look like we should be specifying a tool or bot identity here, which might be useful, but a query shows that we never do so. The feature was added in January 2016.

WHERE year = 2018
  AND month = 6
  AND params['action'] = 'patrol'
  AND params['tags'] is not null

-> no rows selected.

I'd suggest either removing the feature or publicizing it better...

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All logged actions are supposed to allow tagging. Not many people have taken advantage of this feature for various reasons, and I would imagine uptake has been limited to a few common log actions (probably upload and perhaps delete and block as well). But I don't see this feature creating a significant maintenance burden.

And in any case I don't see why patrol should be excluded from tagging while other logged actions are included...

@TTO Makes sense to me... Maybe part of the issue is that the documentation implies that we should be tagging actions with something like a user-agent string, but with no explanation about why that might be a useful thing to do, and with a finite number of tags, we can't leave a proper user-agent, can't include the software version, and so on.

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Turning this into a minor cleanup thing...

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Actually, throwing it out.

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