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Kartotherian doesn't correctly render text consisting only of numbers
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It seems that someone has decided to mess with the font for route labels, making the numbers and character spacing larger without also modifying the surrounding boxes (or even non-numeric text) to match. The route labels looked normal at some previous point in time, but I don't remember when the change occurred (it was probably in the last year and a half or so).

Shields which contain both letters and numbers seem to be fine.

Rendering issues also occur with any other text lines (SVG <tspan>) which only contain digits; compare "Residence 10" (10 is oversized) to "Residences 3 & 4 (Down)" and "Science Park (Phase 1)".

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@Jc86035 could you provide links for the issue? So we can have more info to work on.

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@MSantos The first image is of the map around Toronto. I don't know how the stylesheets work so that's all the information I have.

No problem, if you would like to know more about how our map styles work, please have a look into

@MSantos: This is the same issue as I think it's definitely something somewhere that's converting strings to integers, but it's not clear why it's affecting the route shields.

@Jc86035 I will take a look into that, if you find something else please let us know. Thanks!

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@MSantos If it's helpful, also displays the issue on parts of bus stop labels, so it's probably not because of anything specific to route shields., also near Toronto, has the issue as well (compare "407" to "Highway" on the stop icon – the character spacing for "407" is the same as that of the "55" route numbers).

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I also remember that these numbers were displayed correctly before 2018. Probably this regression was introduced along with map improvements 2018. Perhaps someone who knows how to test older versions of Kartotherian and/or osm-bright style can track down which change exactly is responsible for these malformed number shields?

It looks particularly bad in Estonia, where most road numbers have five digits: similar issues.

That one is about script/language differences. It seems unrelated.